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August 2013

Explore a new cooperation with a Sweden-based institution to promote a fair trade issue and FSC in community forest

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Brainstorming with the writer and FGD on formulating synthesize experience of REDD+ initiatives on the ground

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Discussion on TFLET (Thematic on   Forest Law Enforcement and Trade) proposal with DG of Forest Utilization MoF

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FGLG alumnae  meeting, August 2013


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11 July 2013

Dialogue on Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Change,GIZ-DNPI , Jakarta 11 July 2013


Discussion with National Climate Change Council and TNC on improving REDD +training modules for decision makers at national and sub-national levels July 2013


25 June 2013

Talk Show/Debate regarding standard and guideline for woman protection in climate project, 25 June 2013

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23 June 2013

Mini workshop to review study on Benefit Sharing in REDD 23 June 2013


April 2013

Discussion with RECOFTC on preparation of Gender Workshop April 2013

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March 2013

Assisted Indonesian Communication Forum on Community Forestry (Forum Komunikasi Kehutanan Masyarakat- FKKM) in developing proposal to ITTO, March 2013

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FGD’s related to ‘REDD+ implementation in Indonesia ‘ organized by FGLG Indonesia 2 January 2013 and 9 January 2013 in Bogor

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Round Table discussion in Ministry of Forestry regarding Data Transparancy- “ Rate of Deforestation” 22 January 2013 and 2 February 2013

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Riviewed proposals for TFLET (Thematic of Forest Law enforcement and Trade , regarding “Promoting good forest governance through implementation new regulation o”f legal timber tracking system from community forest in Java and Nusa tenggara Indonesia” and “Strengthening the Capacity of Local Institutions to Sustainably Manage community Forestry in Sanggau for Improving Livelihood and enhancing Carbon Sequestration”

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FGD “Synthesis Demonstration Activities (DA) REDD+ with developers/intiators in Jakarta “ Jakarta 8 Mei 2013

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FGLG member as resource person in Seminar “REDD+ policy in Indonesia” Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Bandung

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Fied visit to Kuale’u Village in East Nusa tenggara March 2013








Head of customary group at  Kuale’u Village wellcoming FGLG visit


Sandalwood seedling is planted by  community 

Discussion in formulating National Strategy to improve the capacity of human resources in addressing Climate Change

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