"Natural Resource Development Center"

Vision Achieving the greatest benefits for people from the management of their natural resources.

Our Works

Working Priority

1.Sustainable Forest Management:

  • participatory boundary mapping
  • forest rehabilitation
  •  conflict resolution
  • Reduced impact Logging (RIL)
  • Forest fire prevention
  • Eco-labelling

2. Institution capacity building

  • Decentralization process
  • Laws and regulations
  • Organizations/institutional building
  • Human resource development.

3.Training, Education and Communication

  • Natural resource management
  • Planning
  • Financing
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring/evaluation

4. Event Organizer

  • Workshop initiatives to address natural resources management

Our Experience

  • Conducted training to empower human resources from central and local government on formulating project proposals.
    Our client is a government organization.
  • Conducted training to empower civil society and local communities on project development
    (our client is BOS Borneo Orang Utan Survival, Latin, etc).
  • Implemented activities for the rehabilitation of forest land involving local communities in Ciamis District, West Java.Collaborated with the local government of  Ciamis District.
  • Developed a manual for civil society regarding the potency of the forest carbon-cooperation with MFP 2 DFID.
  • Facilitated woman and REDD+ workshop (our client is FORDA MoF, UNRED Indonesia, etc).
  • Initiated project proposal for woman carbon standard with WOCAN.
  • Mapped activities/local experience on REDD+ and gender in Indonesia and produced a short report of the mapping,
  • with FGLG (Forest Governance Learning Group Indonesia)
  • Assisted the Ministry of Forestry in developing a proposal for ITTO
    “SFM initiatives in enhancing carbon stock in Indonesia.”


Our Vision


Achieving the greatest benefits for people from the management of their natural resources.


To develop the economic, social, and ecological elements in natural resource utilization for long-term benefits, we will:

  • Mobilize human resources with strong idealism and integrity to developing their natural resources.
  • Empower communities to manage their own natural resources.
  • Satisfy community needs with human resources.
  • Improve communication among stakeholders.
  • Facilitate good relationships with donors (national and international).
  • Enhance networks with the government and relevant institutions.
  • Acquire and distribute information on the aspects of better natural resource management.